BoardRoom Institute

Achieving alignment between a private club’s general manager/chief executive and volunteer leaders begins with a mutual understanding of the priorities and best practices that drive success. A collaborative, united, and accessible educational environment is foundational to providing private club leadership with the awareness and strategic thinking necessary to sustain a relevant and enduring private club.

Knowledge is power and providing comprehensive information and protections will help assure that board and committee members are well-positioned for their roles and responsibilities. BoardRoom Institute makes annual orientations affordable, mitigates micro-managing, and ensures all stakeholders understand their duty of care, with an emphasis on legal and fiduciary obligations.

BoardRoom Institute is the resource of choice for private club boards, their directors, committees, committee chairs and others associated with private club governance:

  1. Provides a tool box (white papers, books, forms and templates) for club governance
  2. Provides seminars, workshops online
  3. Provides customized consultation for clubs

Certification through BoardRoom Institute shows private clubs how they can operate through collaborative governance, so they can govern in most efficient and effective manner to optimize the membership’s investment. If boards govern their clubs the way they should, the clubs will operate with the least investment while obtaining the highest results.

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