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Club Leadership Alliance

Perform regular team engagement surveys, compare to benchmarks and act on results.

Core Value: Empowered Management and Team

Associated Best Practices

  • Perform regular team engagement surveys, compare to benchmarks and act on results. 

The level of employee engagement in your club has a direct impact on the club’s culture and long-term financial success and the difference between engagement and satisfaction is very important when it comes to employees. While a satisfied employee is generally content with their role and responsibilities relative to their compensation, engaged employees believe that their work contributes to the club’s success in a meaningful way, aka they feel empowered. They are invested in their job with a strong desire to contribute to the club’s success. They understand the vision and mission. They go the extra mile for the members and for their teammates and supervisors. 

Just as soliciting member feedback is the first step in evaluating and improving the member experience and club culture, creating a positive workplace environment requires employee feedback in order to fully understand the staff’s perspective. Monitoring and measuring employee engagement on a regular basis and acting on those findings is considered a best practice because recruiting and retaining team members who are reliable, passionate and motivated is essential to a club’s success. 

Club Benchmarking member research confirms that a member’s relationship with the staff is more highly valued than the member’s relationship with their fellow members. In contrast, our employee engagement research indicates that more than 30% of club employees are at risk for turnover. 

In the club environment, where the staff/member relationship is so important, losing a valuable employee not only affects other employees, it affects the members. In many areas of the country, competition for top talent is fierce, and for any business, the cost of training new hires is steep. Effective employee engagement strategies improve financial outcomes by reducing staff turnover, improving productivity and efficiency and retaining members at a higher rate.

Achieving strong employee engagement requires the board and management to prioritize understanding and improving the quality of club’s workplace environment and the first step is to solicit feedback through an employee engagement survey. Club leaders who are afraid of the truth and daunted by the work required to address issues tend to avoid taking that first step, and in doing so they miss an opportunity to reap the many benefits of an engaged, empowered team.

Tips for Adopting this Best Practice 

  • Commission a professional employee engagement survey to establish a baseline understanding of engagement and workplace culture at your club.
  • Develop an action plan based on insights from your first survey.
  • Repeat the process annually or more often to measure results. 
  • Apply insights to your employee orientation program with emphasis on positive workplace culture, empowerment and continuous improvement as a team.

Continuously educate stakeholders (Board, Committees, Members, Staff) regarding best practices and important societal trends impacting the private club industry

Core Value: Informed Leadership

Associated Best Practices

  • Continuously educate stakeholders (Board, Committees, Members, Staff) regarding best practices and important societal trends impacting the private club industry.

Knowledge is Power

The need for constant education of stakeholders (Board, Committee, Members and Staff) has never been as critical as it is today. The foundation of a healthy organization is built on trust and confidence which stems from information and education. Therefore, educating stakeholders continuously regarding best practices and important societal trends impacting our industry is essential for creating a successful club. 

We encourage club leaders to “memorialize the standards” so everyone knows what the standards are, how they work and what the best practices are surrounding those standards. Use every opportunity to educate your people to ensure they know their roles and responsibilities and how they connect to the other positions’ roles and responsibilities. When you create a culture where continuous education is commonplace, you set the stage for board members, committee members, members at large and your employees to take learning seriously as part of their job in the organization.  

How do you ensure education is weaved into every position at your club? Make it a priority! Every agenda (Board meeting, Committee meeting and staff meeting) should include an agenda item for education. Talk about societal trends and how they are impacting your club. Talk about industry trends and what other clubs are finding successful. Ask questions and get the discussion going. Consistency and continuity are crucial for creating informed and educated stakeholders. 

Introduction of Club Leadership Alliance™

Introduction of Club Leadership Alliance™

Welcome to the Club Leadership Alliance™, a collaboration of three well-established firms dedicated to working together to make clubs and their leadership teams more successful and as a result more rewarding to their club members. 

The Alliance was born out of the realization that the three firms could serve clubs more holistically as an associated group than as individual firms. As founding members of the Club Leadership Alliance and recognized industry leaders, McMahon Group, Kopplin Kuebler & Wallace and Club Benchmarking are now able to provide comprehensive consulting services to clubs of any type or size to address the full spectrum of challenges they may face. So, while we have worked together informally for the last ten years, we now have instant access to each other’s capabilities to take advantage of special opportunities now occurring for private clubs. 

The Club Leadership Alliance™

Mission: “Rally club leaders to create relevant, enduring clubs.”

Vision: “To generate widespread understanding and adoption of the best practices that lead to sustained club success.”

Core Values: The CLA’s core values serve as a framework for the proven best practices that create relevant and enduring clubs.

  • Informed Leadership
  • Strategic Stewardship
  • Empowered Management and Team
  • Compelling Member Experience

The three Alliance firms are committed to strengthening the club industry and promoting it by enhancing club governance, strengthening club finances, developing outstanding management, improving club facilities, and making sure clubs have viable strategic plans to guide their futures. We know club success is dependent on many factors, and we are dedicated to working with boards, managers, and club members to make their clubs as successful as they can be. 

The Alliance partners and their roles within the Alliance are as follow:

McMahon Group provides clubs with Strategic Planning, Facility Master and Improvement Planning, Fund Raising Programs, Future Facility Capital Modeling and Homeowner Association Planning.  Contact: Alison

Kopplin Kuebler & Wallace is the leading recruiting firm assisting with executive level position placement for private, resort and developer owned properties, clubs and communities as well as senior living communities and property owners associations.  Additionally, they offer a full range of consulting services such as Board Retreats, Team Development, Club and Department Assessments, and F&B Training as well as personalized assistance through the “KOPPLIN Career Resource Center” providing candidates with the tools necessary to prosper both today and in the future. Contact: Nan

Club Benchmarking provides fact-based, actionable insight through a suite of club-specific tools and services grounded in data and research. Data-centric services include financial and operational benchmarking, capital reserve studies and strategies modeling, stakeholder surveys, real estate market analysis, compensation and benefits benchmarking and board advisory services to support strategic club governance.  Contact: Teri  

The Club Leadership Alliance™ is at your service to help your club in all ways necessary to assist you.

William P. McMahon, Sr., AIA

McMahon Group

Richard Kopplin

Kopplin Kuebler & Wallace

Ray Cronin

Club Benchmarking