CLA Board Portal

The Club Leadership Alliance is proud to introduce the industry’s first and only club-specific board portal. Designed specifically for clubs, it is customizable, easy to use, intuitive and loaded with proprietary features and content from CLA and our partner firms, KOPPLIN, KUEBLER & WALLACE, McMahon Group and Club Benchmarking. The CLA Board Portal is simply the better way to govern your club and engage your board and committee members. In fact, it is the future of board operation and governance – available NOW!

Improved Efficiency – Eliminate the need for the distribution of physical documents or reliance on emails, Saves administration time and costs, and increases club document security.

Enhanced Security – Reduce the risk of data breaches or unauthorized disclosure of paper documents, sensitive information and documents are stored in a secure and encrypted platform.

Respect for Board and Committee Members Time – Remote access via any mobile device allows Board and Committee members to engage where and when they want 24/7.

Centralized Document Management – All meeting materials, minutes and documents can be stored and accessed in a secure, centralized location reducing the likelihood of lost or misplaced physical documents.

Secure Voting and Polling – Online polling, voting and eSignature features save time and make decision making easy.

Cost Savings and Time Efficiency – Administrative staff no longer deals with multiple email invites and distribution of emailed or paper documents, invitees are sent meeting invites, RSVP attendance is tracked, meeting reminders are set up and documents are sent.

New Membership Module – designed to organize and facilitate the new member application, sponsorship, voting and approval process.

Club Performance Center – A library of best practices presented by our partner firms, KOPPLIN, KUEBLER & WALLACE, McMahon Group and Club Benchmarking, that catalogs topics such as board and committee governance, operation guidance and more.