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CLA Interim Club Management Solutions

Change can require time to navigate. A club searching for a new General Manager faces pressure to “complete the search”, but with a CLA Interim General Manager, it’s possible instead to “Strengthen the Search”. CLA optimizes the expertise of top Interim General Managers and supports them with oversight and custom consulting services that utilize CLA Best Practices.

Boards have a responsibility to look more deeply into paving the way for their new GM to be successful. Bringing in a CLA interim General Manager empowers a club’s board with the opportunity to address critical opportunities to strengthen operations prior to the arrival of a new GM. Improve the trajectory of success for your new GM by Strengthening the Search with a CLA Interim General Manager.

Dan Miles

Dan Miles, CCM, CCE
 joins CLA CEO John Schultz in providing oversight and expert management of CLA Interim Management Solutions. Dan’s professional background includes work for top clubs nationwide as a longtime General Manager and consultant for CLA partner firms KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE and Club Benchmarking. He has served as an interim general manager and is uniquely positioned to leverage his expertise and industry-recognized best practices with CLA.

The CLA interim general managers are proven leaders in the field with track records of success through long-term positions at top clubs nationwide. Clubs that utilize CLA Interim Management Solutions are further supported through oversight and custom consulting services that embody the CLA Core Values and Best Practices that create relevant, enduring clubs.

Contact Dan Miles at for more information about the CLA Interim Management Solution that best fits your club.