CLA Services

The Experience Network

In addition to providing private club solutions utilizing insight and expertise of the three CLA partner firms, CLA works with a versatile alliance of top industry professionals. Providing hands-on support to private clubs, the CLA Experience Network encompasses Strategic Governance, Interim Management Solutions including Interim General Manager Solutions, and Consulting Services & Solutions in Food & Beverage, Fitness & Wellness, Racquet Sports and Communications. Scaled Alliance Solutions provide tailored opportunities for private clubs to access the services of the CLA and its partner firms.

Interim Management Solutions

The CLA’s approach to interim management is to “strengthen the search”. The CLA interim general managers are proven leaders in the field with track records of success through long-term positions at top clubs nationwide. Clubs that utilize CLA Interim Management Solutions are further supported through oversight and custom consulting services that embody the CLA Core Values and Best Practices that create relevant, enduring clubs.

Dan Miles, CCM, CCE joins CLA CEO John Schultz in providing oversight and expert management of CLA Interim Management Solutions. Dan’s professional background includes work for top clubs nationwide as a longtime General Manager and consultant for CLA partner firms KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE and Club Benchmarking. He has served as an interim general manager and is uniquely positioned to leverage his expertise and industry-recognized best practices in his new role with CLA.

Food & Beverage Consulting & Solutions

The CLA Food & Beverage Experience Network offers a rich and diverse menu of programs easily customized to meet the specific needs of club clients. These encompass: Food & Beverage Assessments, Culinary Diagnostics, Staff Training, Interim Executive Chef Solutions, Culinary Concept Development and Executive Chef Mentorship, including onboarding support. 

The CLA Food & Beverage Experience Network is led by Executive in Charge, Lawrence McFadden, CMC. A Certified Master Chef, Lawrence’s impressive career includes leadership roles with iconic brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, MGM Resorts and Casinos, The Greenbrier Hotel and Spa, The Waldorf Astoria, and Shangri La Hotels and Resorts of Hong Kong. His work for clubs includes Jupiter Island Club in partnership with Ritz-Carlton; River Club, Jacksonville, Florida; Sporting Club in partnership with The Greenbrier Hotel and Resort; Aberdeen Club, Hong Kong in partnership with Shangri-La Hotel and Resorts; Idle Hour Country Club, Lexington, Kentucky; Aurora Club in partnership with Aurora Hotel and Spa, Anguilla. Lawrence also works closely with CLA Partner firm KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE as part of their executive chef search and staff training offerings.

Fitness & Wellness Consulting & Solutions

These consulting services encompass all aspects of a club’s Fitness and Wellness operations, including recruiting, staff training, program development, and optimizing a club’s current and future fitness/wellness facilities. Alignment with industry best practices spans all areas of the fitness/wellness experience and the needs of clubs. Working with boards, committees, management and front-line staff, including surveys, budgeting, facility planning, management, and all aspects of the fitness experience, Exec

Helming the CLA Fitness and Wellness Experience Network is highly respected industry veteran Herb Lipsman. Herb’s experience includes 30+ years managing luxurious country clubs, upscale athletic clubs, and luxury resort properties. Herb has achieved a unique level of experience working with some of the most prestigious private clubs and resorts in the industry. Additionally, he has cultivated a robust network of fitness, wellness, racquet sports and spa professionals and has established long-term relationships with top equipment suppliers.

Communications Consulting & Solutions

These consulting services encompass all aspects of a club’s Communications under the direction of Corey Saban.

The CLA Communications Experience Network is led by Executive in Charge Corey Saban, an experienced marketing and communications strategist. He works with general managers, the board of directors, management, and marketing teams on internal and external messaging designed to help them enhance member engagement and retention. Teams appreciate his ability to distill complex information into short soundbites that resonate with membership to create action and drive results, especially when dealing with capital projects and assessments.

Saban is also a dynamic facilitator and proactively trains clubs across the country on crisis management. It’s not if, it’s when, which is why there is tremendous value in his interactive sessions, which create eye-opening experiences as he role-plays real-life scenarios clubs have had to deal with, providing numerous takeaways to help you protect your brand’s reputation without falling victim to tricks and traps from the media.

An Emmy-nominated and award-winning former TV journalist, Saban’s media career encompassed interviews with some of the world’s most respectable and recognizable figures. A virtual who’s who of newsmakers, from Presidents to Pulitzer Prize winners.

An accomplished speaker and 15-year news veteran, he’s covered a range of stories reporting during the disputed 2000 election, the September 11th attacks, and other life-changing events. By putting that expertise to work for top clubs nationwide, Corey Saban informs leadership and educates stakeholders, helping ensure clubs remain relevant and enduring.