Our Values

The three founding Alliance firms are independent entities working together for the common good of the industry, serving clubs in all aspects of strategic planning, operations, finances, human capital and facilities. The CLA’s core values serve as a framework for the proven best practices that create relevant and enduring clubs: 

  • Informed Leadership
  • Strategic Stewardship
  • Empowered Management and Team
  • Compelling Member Experience


“Rally club leaders around best practices.”


“To generate widespread understanding and adoption of the best practices that lead to sustained club success.”


Informed Leadership

  1. Continuously educate stakeholders (Board, Committees, Members, Staff) regarding best practices and important societal trends impacting the private club industry.
  2. Conduct mandatory and comprehensive orientations for all stakeholders.
  3. Adopt the fact-based, private club business model and related financial best practices and Key Performance Indicators.
  4. Embrace data-driven leadership rooted in strong governance principles and transparent communication to all stakeholders.

Strategic Stewardship

  1. Develop and maintain an effective strategic plan.
  2. Protect, preserve, and grow the assets through comprehensive capital planning that addresses obligatory and aspirational improvements within a unified facilities master plan.
  3. Enhance member value by creating innovative club experiences.
  4. Ensure seamless transitions of Boards, Committees and Senior Staff.

Empowered Management and Team

  1. Create and maintain robust talent acquisition, retention, and professional development systems.
  2. Utilize proven performance management systems to set goals and measure outcomes.
  3. Perform regular team engagement surveys, compare to benchmarks and act on results.

Compelling Member Experience

  1. Match member expectations to club’s primary purpose.
  2. Measure member needs, preferences and satisfaction on a regular basis.
  3. Provide a value proposition that cultivates highly engaged, loyal, and satisfied members who think like owners.
  4. Present a relevant experience that easily attracts the next generation of members.