CLA Communications

The CLA Communications Experience Network provides expertise that adopts the CLA Core Values and Best Practices recognized as essential to relevant and enduring private clubs.

Executive in Charge Corey Saban is a Club Communications expert who works with top clubs and industry organizations. His work with general managers, club boards, management, and marketing teams on internal and external messaging is designed to enhance member experiences and strengthen clubs. Corey’s work adopts the CLA core values:

Informed Leadership

  • Communication planning that knows Leadership and Communication go hand in hand. Often leaders fail to communicate, leaving members and staff thirsting for information and creating gossip. Corey Saban creates and lays out communication plans with three consistent touch points, resulting in improved productivity and boosted morale.
  • Helping boards and management define priorities and build an associated plan that is clear.
  • Teaching Club Boards to message correctly to foster awareness.
  • Teaching the Board or GM to write and deliver messages that capture the attention of members and dispel rumors that may be percolating.

Strategic Stewardship

  • Creating member experiences that are unique and memorable, sharing ideas for building relationships and getting involved with something more purposeful, such as non-profits
  • Sharing the value of experiences to increase engagement and retention
  • Suggesting interesting speakers and ideas for events.

Empowered Management and Team

  • Creating plans for employee engagement to enhance culture, build camaraderie, and strengthen community relationships.
  • Coaching young leaders’ skills to communicate effectively with members and colleagues.
  • Stressing culture ideas to help bridge the gap in the workforce through consistent communication ideas, team building, and emotional engagement.
  • Teaching valued interpersonal skills so executive teams can function more seamlessly with an understanding of how each department can enhance one another

Compelling Member Experience

  • Sharing the value of belonging and create experiences that make the team want to excel.
  • Messaging for today’s members and for the younger generations, explaining the right outlets and how to deliver it.
  • Effectively communicating around an experience to reach the generational audiences the way they want to be targeted.
  • Creating culture initiatives for employees to feel more connected to the club and the club to enhance brand perception in the community outside the gates.

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