CLA Fitness and Wellness

The CLA Fitness and Wellness Experience Network provides expertise that adopts the CLA Core Values and Best Practices recognized as essential to relevant and enduring private clubs.

Executive in Charge Herb Lipsman is an expert at Club management with a unique expertise in Fitness and Wellness. He has led top clubs in building and expanding their Fitness/Wellness amenities, programs and services. Herb’s work adopts the CLA core values:

Informed Leadership

Providing education, understanding and consulting services that inform Boards, Committees and Management regarding industry best practices and trends for wellness, fitness, and spa amenities, programs and services, such as:

  • Standards for sizing of fitness areas, group exercise studios, courts, treatment rooms, locker rooms and other programming spaces.
  • Determining proper number, configuration, and location of tennis and pickleball courts.
  • Appropriate exercise and spa equipment and accessory options and pricing.
  • Appropriate wellness, fitness, and spa staffing.
  • Understanding safety and risk management requirements.
  • Pricing of various wellness, fitness, and spa services.
  • Budgeting for wellness, fitness, and spa operations.
  • Common mistakes made by uninformed leadership teams.

Strategic Stewardship

  • Formulating strategic plans for new, expanded, or renovated wellness, fitness, racquet sports and spa amenities.
  • Assisting with development of standard operating procedures for wellness center.
  • Ensuring seamless transitions of key wellness center staff.

Empowered Management and Team

  • Assisting with development/refinement of job descriptions for all wellness center positions.
  • Assisting with recruiting, onboarding, and training wellness center staff.
  • Providing guidance for professional development for key wellness center personnel.
  • Ensuring the team is well-versed in all safety and risk management requirements.

Compelling Member Experience

  • Meeting the expressed needs of the membership as discovered via formal survey processes and less formal focus group and individual discussions.
  • Providing members with industry Best Practice amenities, programs and services matched to current and anticipated future member profile.
  • Assisting with development/refinement of member conduct/etiquette for wellness center.
  • Guiding a club to educate, train, empower, and coach staff to be able to provide exceptional member service and experiences upon every visit.
  • Instituting effective member feedback systems.

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