Our Expertise

Kopplin Kuebler & Wallace Primary Services:

1. Executive placement and human capital development for key management positions for clubs, club communities HOAs/POAs), senior living communities, and other premier hospitality venues. 

2. Providing consulting in the industry in areas of organizational culture, board governance and related topics. 

3. Consulting involving all aspects of club and premier hospitality operations.

4. Leadership Development—coaching and personal skill and branding development.

5. Education of the industry through board presentations and webinars

McMahon Group, Inc. Primary Services:

1. Membership surveys and research in all their forms supporting strategic planning, facility planning, operational planning and building consensus for change in clubs and Home Owners Associations (HOAs). 

2. Developing facility improvement programs with facility planning and membership approvals inclusive of architectural services for master planning, concept improvement programs, costing and fund raising with special emphasis on providing extensive communication programs necessary to get projects approved. 

3. Strategic planning in all its forms for clubs and HOA communities with a special focus on developing, funding and approving facility improvement programs.

4. Specialty club and HOA consulting to reconfigure operations and facilities, starting new clubs, management assistant programs, associations for club restructures and membership approval consulting for of all types of facility program, membership growth and asset dispositions. 

5. Association with Jeff Evans of Management Matters providing HOA strategic and facility planning along with Jeff’s executive search business (in which McMahon has no financial involvement or ownership). 

6. Special club and HOA consulting on operations, mentoring staff, operational reviews, services to management companies, new club formations and feasibility studies. 

7. Education for the club and HOA industries through NCA, CMAA chapters, CAI chapters and for individual clubs and Homeowner Associations.

Club Benchmarking Primary Services:

1. Financial and operational benchmarking.

2. Strategic Monthly Dashboard for real-time market intelligence.

3. Membership survey benchmarking for motivation, service quality, value, satisfaction, attachment, loyalty and related Net Promoter Score benchmarking. 

4. Capital reserve studies.

5. Capital planning services including long range capital strategies modeling.

6. Real estate value and trends analysis for residential community clubs.

7. Advanced compensation benchmarking and workforce analysis.

8. Employee engagement and related Net Promoter Score benchmarking.

9. Board of Director self-evaluation and related strategic governance development.

10. Education and advisory services for boards, committees, members, staff and other industry constituents.